Cry your hearts out. Hear our voices, The sorrows from our hearts

Cryhearts is an Emo rock band hailing from both Indonesia and Singapore. Made up of members from the two countries. They are Adri Dwitomo on Vocals, Angga Tetsuya on Bass, Bounty Ramdhan on Drums, Chandra Erin on Guitar/Vocals, and JM on Guitars.

Formed by friends and long time veterans of the genre. Cryhearts is a culmination of talents in the underground music scene. Focusing on making popular emo, rock, punk rock song covers to heavy rock renditions of popular top charting songs. Their original tracks are coming soon.


The Story

Started of as an ongoing collaboration of musicians sharing the same passion for the genre, Quickly became an idea for something more. The band released their first cover together under the name Cryhearts on August 17th. With massive and positive feedback from the release,  They are rapidly becoming one of the underdogs to look out for in the South East Asian underground music scene. And soon globaly.

The Purpose

To spread the love and passion for the underground music genre. They are breaking stereotypes that the underground music is hard and complex to be enjoyed by the general masses. By focusing on their music and presentation they are sure to please long time fans of the genre to newcomers wanting to dip their toes into the scene.


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